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  • Possible Arson Set Fire in Orondo
    Posted 7/5/15 2:48 AM Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal reports two fires burning. Bower's Landing...
  • New Wildfire Threatens Homes in The Quincy Area
    Posted 7/5/15 5:40 AM Another large brush fire threatens homes in the Quincy area. Residents in the Baird Springs Road area are currently under level 3 evacuations.   Grant County Sheriffs spokesman, Kyle Foreman . .    The fire does not impact travel on Highway 28.     Posted 7/5/15 4:45 AM Fire area: South border Road 11-NW, west border Road U-NW, east border Road Q-NW, north border is area of Baird Springs Road.‪#‎BeasleyFire‬     Posted 7/5/15  2:40 AM Wildfire threatens homes in the Quincy area. LEVEL 3 EVACUATION - ALL HOMES IN AREA OF BAIRD SPRINGS ROAD AND ROAD Q-NW - NORTH OF QUINCY. WILDFIRE APPROACHING. EVACUATE NOW. POLICE ENROUTE TO NOTIFY RESIDENTS This fire is burning on the west side of Quincy about 3 miles north of State Route 28. It will not reach Ephrata. Winds are blowing to the south.    Posted 7/5/15  2:08 AM LEVEL 2 EVACUATION WARNING - Fire near Baird Springs and Willow Springs Rd. People in that area should either leave or be ready to leave given a moment's notice.
  • State Lands Chief Says Fire Danger at Highest Threat; Pleads for Extreme Caution
    Posted 7/4/15 From DNR News Release   OLYMPIA – With state wildland firefighters already battling three large fires and multiple small fires today in eastern Washington, Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark is asking residents to not light personal fireworks and immediately stop any activity that may spark additional wildfires.    “Whether it’s fireworks, cigarettes or anything that sparks a fire, it’s absolutely essential that people not add to a dangerous situation,” said Goldmark...
  • Holden Village and Lucerne Placed Under Level Two Evacuations Due to Wolverine Creek Fire
    Posted Satuday 7/4/15   A forest fire burning in the mountains on upper Lake Chelan threatens a superfund cleanup site and has triggered level two evacuation alerts for Lucerne and Holden Village...
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