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Cherry Creek Radio Wenatchee is staffed atthe local market level, with seasoned small market radio professionals that know how to interact with local businesses, and advocate their success in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

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  • Evacuation update noon Tuesday
    As of noon, all evacuation levels have been lowered to a level 1. That word from the Chelan County Emergency management. The Red Cros shelter is being relocated to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at 5th and Western this (mon) afternoon and will remain open this evening. On the traffic front, motorists are now able to get into the Hawley, Miller and Walla Walla, although there may still be some road blocks up. The road to Broadview remains closed except to residents.
  • Lucerne area fire
    A 2-acre lightning caused wildfire is burning in timber on extremely steep and rocky terrain about 3 miles northwest of Lucerne on Lake Chelan...
  • Sleepy Hollow Fire 10 Percent Contained
    Posted 6/30/15 11:00 AM   Sleepy Hollow Fire managers say crews are scrambling to contain the three-thousand acres wildland fire in advance of what's expected to be a very hot and windy day.   Nathan Rabe (RAY-bee) is the commander for the Type Two management team that took over control of the fire last night...
  • Quincy Valley Medical Center busy
    Posted Tuesday, 06-30-15 The combination of high heat and multi-substance abuse at the Paradiso concert in Gorge this past weekend resulted in one death and what officials call a "significant number of life threatening conditions"...
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