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Cherry Creek Radio Wenatchee is staffed atthe local market level, with seasoned small market radio professionals that know how to interact with local businesses, and advocate their success in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

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  • Sage Hills Trail Opens
    Posted 4/1/15 Starting today, the Sage Hills Trail is officially open for recreational users! This area in the foothills West of Wenatchee is closed seasonally from December 1 to April 1 to allow the Valley's population of migratory mule deer to make it through the winter without stress from humans.
  • House Committee Hears Testimony on Democratts budget tax proposal
    Posted 4/1/15   A bill by House Democratss to fund the state budget with a new capital gains tax and other revenue measures received its first public hearing Tuesday in Olympia.      In a crowded meeting of the House Finance committee, lobbyists for business groups and users of Washington's schools and social services voiced their thoughts on the plan Democrats debuted last week...
  • Three Wounded in Ephrata Shooting
    Posted 4/1/15   Police in  Ephrata say three people have been shot and wounded outside a gas station.    Police say medics took the three to a hospital Tuesday night...
  • Bear Cub Burned in Carlton Fire to be Released to WIld
    Posted 4/1/15   A black bear cub burned in a massive Washington state wildfire last year is out of hibernation and is expected to be released into the wild this summer.      The cub, named Cinder, has been at the Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation Center near Boise for the winter.    The cub was found under a horse trailer in the Methow Valley where the Carlton Complex fire burned about 400 square miles and destroyed 300 homes...
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