Cherry Creek Radio is a small market radio company focused on internal operations and driving revenue to your business.

Cherry Creek Radio Wenatchee is staffed atthe local market level, with seasoned small market radio professionals that know how to interact with local businesses, and advocate their success in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

To advertise your business with KW3 or the six other Cherry Creek Radio Wenatchee properties, contact Kevin Andrus at 509-665-6565. You can also email Kevin -
  • Quincy School Locks Doors During Incident
    school-office-signAn alleged domestic violence incident led to extra security at a Quincy school Wednesday. The outside doors to Mountain View Elementary School were locked from about 2-to-2:30 p.m. while police investigated a disturbance at a residence two doors away. A person thought to be violent was reported to have had...The post Quincy School Locks Doors During Incident appeared first on KPQ.
  • Budweiser Clydesdales Stop In Wenatchee
    Budweiser ClydesdaleFor the first time in 20 years,  the Budweiser Clydesdales are in town. The world famous horses will available to the public Thursday afternoon at the Town Toyota Center. “A couple of these guys have appeared in the Super Bowl commercials,” explains Bud Spokesperson Todd Rademacher. While the horses themselves might...The post Budweiser Clydesdales Stop In Wenatchee appeared first on KPQ.
  • Washington Primary Provides Some Major Surprises
    voteDespite the fact presidential nominations are close to being official, the Washington primary provided some drama...
  • White Nosed Bat Syndrome in America’s West; King County Confirmed!
    batA deadly disease to bats is now reported in America’s West, with confirmation of “white nosed bat syndrome” in King County...
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