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  • Govt Watchdog Doubles Down on Claim Douglas County Mismanaged Assets
    watervillecourthouseA government watchdog reiterates his allegations against Douglas County offcials who he contends mismanaged assets in violation of State law...

  • memorial dayThe Wenatchee Valley pays homage to its military veterans at several Memorial Day events Monday. Organizers say the day begins at 8:30 with a ceremony at Wenatchee’s Cemetery. From there vets with the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars and other service groups will meet at the center of...The post appeared first on KPQ.
  • Waste Management Not Settled on Entiat Garbage Transfer Site
    Entiat parkWaste Management’s plans to establish a garbage transfer station in Entiat may not materialize. A company official says the community’s opposition to the project’s a concern they’re taking into consideration. .John Chelminiak says the community’s concerns about siting the facility near the newly developed waterfront could be a show stopper...The post Waste Management Not Settled on Entiat Garbage Transfer Site appeared first on KPQ.
  • WA Insurance Commissioner, Republicans Spar Over Obamacare
    health care insurancedCongressional Republican blame the Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – for the departure of insurance providers in parts of Washington as well as for proposed rate hikes...
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