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  • Chelan & Douglas Counties Show Strong Employment
    Unemployment’s down in Chelan and Douglas Counties. The newest numbers show a drop of seven-tenth’s percent from a year ago.  The jobless rate of 4.6 percent is the lowest it’s been in October since 2008.  But state regional economist Don Meseck notes there are some troubling signs.  He says “The down side is that the labor force growth has been slowing now for the last four months.  So that’s not good news.”  Meseck says the labor force is roughly the same as it was a year ago, even though unemployment’s down significantly.  Still, Meseck point out non-farm job growth is especially strong in the two counties.  He says “Our non-farm growth rate has been really better than the state’s non-farm growth rate for at least the last 12 months. Those are some steps in the right direction.”  Chelan and Douglas Counties are also in better shape than the state overall, which has a 5.2 percent jobless rate.
  • Police Shooting Suspect Sought
    Douglas County Sheriff's Department is asking for the public's help finding a suspect they say shot at a deputy Thursday night when he attempted to stop the suspect's vehicle in the City of Bridgeport.   Officials say the deputy ran a license plate check on 2002 silver Toyota Sienna learning one of the owners had a felony warrant for arrest...
  • Costco Pulls Chicken Salad Off Shelves Due E. Coli
    Costco’s takes its “chicken salad made with rotisserie chicken” off shelves because of E...
  • Washington Thanksgiving Gas Prices To Be Lowest In 6 Years
    People who drive within Washington State should experience the cheapest Thanksgiving gas prices in 6 years.  It’s currently 60 cents below last year’s levels...
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