• Multiple Injuries in Explosion at Priest Rapids Dam
    Posted from Grant County PUD Facebook post and Seattle Times At approximately 4:15 p.m. Thursday an explosion was reported at Priest Rapids Dam along the Columbia River. At this point there are six confirmed employees with various levels of injury that have been taken to regional medical facilities via airlift or ground ambulance. All six employee families have been notified.  The Seattle Times reports, "Two patients, both male and in their 40s, at the Seattle facility were in critical intensive care as of late Thursday, and the other, a 58-year-old man, was in satisfactory condition, according to a notice sent by hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg. The conditions of the other three, two of whom were en route to Harborview late Thursday, were unknown." "Officials said the blast caused some electrical power and cellphone outages. Kyle Foreman of the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, one of the agencies looking into the incident, said investigators found no connection between the explosion and terrorism or criminal activity.The Seattle Times reports, " The cause of the explosion is attributed electrical equipment and the hydroelectric facility remains stable. Additional informational updates will be made available tomorrow when new details are known.
  • State Marijuana Permitting Process Questioned
    The State Alcohol and Cannibus board is coming under fire for its apparent failure to communicate with local government on issues related to the marijuana permitting process...   Mark Kulaas is Douglas County's Director of Community Development.    The situation has resulted in the County's decision to place a moratorium on new pot businesses until the Planning Commission drafts new zoning rules to address land use conflict issues such as odors generated by the outdoor marijuana farms...
  • Quincy Mayor Reacts to Seattle Lawmaker Opposition to Data Center Tax Breaks
    Mayor Jim Hemberry says what's good for the City of Quincy is also good for the State. Hemberry is responding to a State lawmakers proposal to stop giving tax breaks to data centers.   Representative Reuvan Carlyle of Seattle argues that the tax breaks benefit only a small number of communities where the server farms are located.    Mayor Hemberry argues that the tax incentives have resulted in more data centers being built which benefits the whole state in terms of tax revenue..   Hemberry says the City has seen its sales and property tax revenue explode over the past several years.      He says the data center have also generated 400 new jobs in the area.   
  • Wenatchee Girl Assaulted on Saddlerock Trail
    Posted 10/7/15 from Chelan County Undersheriff John Wisemore Chelan County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating an early evening assault last evening at about 7 PM on a 16 year old Wenatchee girl hiking on the Saddlerock Trail in Wenatchee.  Rivercom dispatch received a 911 call from the girl, reporting she had just been grabbed by an unknown male and the male then began running down the hill.  The girl was able to meet up with another group of hikers whom she hiked down to the parking lot with.  When Deputies arrived, witnesses in the parking lot advised they saw a male subject running down the hill and get into a car and leave, but didn’t know of the incident that happened up the trail, so they didn’t see what type of vehicle the suspect left in.  The suspect was initially seen by the girl at the top of the trail and they exchanged smiles toward each other and she then proceeded hiking down the trail.  With headphones in, she didn’t hear his approach until he was directly next to her.  He began speaking to her and asking questions when he then grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back.  She yelled and was able to break away from him and sprinted down the trail.  The male suspect is described as being Hispanic, in his late 30’s, approximately 5’07”, thick build with short hair.  He was reported to be wearing a black shirt. If you were in the Saddlerock Trail area last evening and have any information which would help in the investigation, please call the Chelan County Sheriff’s “Tip Line” at 667-6845. *As a safety reminder, please remember to always be aware of your surroundings anywhere you go.*
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